Monday, April 29, 2019

How the stack effect can impact air quality in a home

The stack effect is a term many people are not accustomed to hearing. The stack effect is a way of describing how the air quality in a home stacks up, literally from bottom to top. Approximately 60-70% of the air in a home actually comes from a crawlspace.

The stack effect is sometimes called the chimney effect. It has the potential to create health issues due to the fact that it produces excess humidity when moisture barriers are not present. But it is important to first understand how the process works.

The stack effect describes movement of air through a home and ultimately leaves the house through an attic area. As this occurs, a vacuum effect is generated. As the air leaves through the top of the home, new air is pulled in at the lowest point. This process is the stack effect.

This is important to a crawlspace, because that is where the air begins to rise. Therefore, the conditions in your crawlspace affect the overall air quality in your home. If the conditions are poor, it can negatively impact the air that circulates throughout the home.

Excess humidity in the crawlspace is very common and it can lead to a variety of problems. It creates issues for those who suffer from asthma or allergies and can make people more susceptible to sickness. This is primarily related to high humidity in a crawlspace, which provides optimal conditions for the following:

•    Mold spores
•    Mildew
•    Damp air
•    Bacteria
•    Dust mites
•    Rodents

All those factors lead to conditions detrimental to our health. The stack effect is also another way of describing convection. In warmer and colder moths, air always rises. So even though the crawlspace may be seldom used, it plays an integral role in determining the quality of air in your home.

Crawlspaces are well known for being dark, musky places that can breed unpleasant odors. However, sealing it off with crawlspace encapsulation Rock Hill eliminates those conditions and can improve the overall health of everyone in a home with a dramatic improvement in air quality.

The stack effect will begin with moisture being drawn into a basement from the outside. That moisture then finds its way inside the crawlspace and that makes it imperative for the design of the crawlspace to be efficient for the rest of the home.

If your crawlspace has excess humidity, contact the professionals at Crawlspace Remedics and we will provide an affordable solution for your home.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Do You Have Proper Insulation?

Although proper insulation is a priority for many homeowners, out of sight usually means out of mind, which might be the case with your crawl space. If your floors feel cold even when your thermostat is set high, odds are your crawl space needs some added insulation. Ensuring proper insulation of the crawl space serves to enhance both the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.
Although optimal crawl space insulation is necessary and beneficial, some homes do not have any insulation in the band board area or on crawl space walls. In such a case, installing spray foam from the home’s floor down to the polythene vapor barrier would be wise.  Contact us today if you need help protecting your crawlspace.